I am a reader.  I’ve read so many books within the last year or so about how to fulfill your God-given dreams.  In fact, I just found a notice where a well-known minister wrote one on the same subject and he was going to be a guest on a popular television show to talk about his book.  I even recently heard a wonderful sermon by Gentezen Franklin about Joseph and dream fulfillment.  So, why should you want to read Constitution of Iron written by yours truly when you can read all the other books by famous authors?

I know I am prejudiced about my book, but honestly, the reason you should read it is because I know that I know that I know that God wanted me to write that book.  I know.  And, if God wanted that book written, it has to produce fruit.  It has to have a purpose.

And, if God wanted me to write that book and I think I wrote what He wanted written, I just have to believe that it will make a difference in your life.  I just have to believe that it will encourage you.  I just have to believe that it will help you accomplish your dreams.

A dear senior citizen remarked to me the other day after she had read Constitution of Iron that her dreams are so different now considering her age and health and other issues.  Her dream at this point in life when she has been experiencing weakness in her legs and has had episodes of falling while shopping, is to attend a family wedding and be able to walk without the use of a walker while at the wedding.

This fine lady told me that my book encouraged her to believe God to get her to that family wedding without weakness and to be able to walk.

I join my faith with hers that she not only will go to that wedding without her walker, but that she’ll dance on happy feet at the reception.

You can’t dispute it – God makes the impossible, possible!