Pink PeonyConstitution of Iron has a wonderful chapter in it entitled “What’s Faith Got to Do with It?”  I was reminded recently about this chapter and how valuable it is concerning life issues that confront us every day.

While at a recent book signing, a rather articulate lady dropped by and gave me her testimony.  In short, she said that she had prayed to God for a certain thing and that instead, God had given her cancer.  She then went on to explain that she had “beaten” the cancer and was moving on in life.  I certainly knew that many people still believe that God puts sickness on them, but to actually meet up with one was rather disturbing.  She was not interested in my book or anything I would want to say; she just wanted to tell her story and run off.

I just wonder how people become so blinded to what the Word of God says about healing and about faith.  I just wonder why some people want to “beat” something that they believe God gave them, like cancer.  Did she believe herself to be in God’s will with cancer and then now that she’s beat it, is she now out of God’s will?  It’s ludicrous!

I’ve taught on healing for years and even produced the curriculum for a School of Healing, so I certainly can’t cover a lot of explanation here.  What I will say though is that Isaiah was very clear when he saw deep into the future and declared that ….”…with His stripes we are healed.”  So, when Jesus was at the whipping post, He got 39 whip stripes on His sinless back to pay for every healing…for every sickness….for every disease.  Then along comes Peter and tell us “…by whose stripes you were healed.”  In fact, we find God’s will about healing from the Old Testament all the way to the New Testament in many scriptures.

So, how do we appropriate what God has already provided?  We use faith.  You can believe for healing just the same way that you believed the Word of God about salvation.  You believe it by faith.  You take God at His Word.

So, if you have procrastinated in reading Constitution of Iron because of the dream aspect, maybe you just need to read it to find out what faith is, how you get it, whose faith you have, and how to exercise it.

Do you need a healing today?  Mark tells us, ….”what things (healing) soever you desire, when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you shall have them.”  Believe what God has done for you.