10653478_791125917605343_2583091255769557054_n[1]Why did I write Constitution of Iron……

Why during a time of great economic world-wide struggle would a virtually unknown person self-publish a book about seeing God-given dreams fulfilled?  It just doesn’t make good sense.  But God……

The desire to fulfill my God-given dream and to please the Lord by my obedience by writing Constitution of Iron overcame common sense, world conditions, and activated my faith to “cast out into the deep.”  It is a real stretch and step of faith that I am still walking out today.

Constitution of Iron was birthed from a sermon given by my sister-in-law, Retha Garten, pastor of Northern Florida Christian Center.  In fact, Retha is author of a book of her own entitled, What is in Your Hand? – Discover What’s Within and How to Use it.  This is a great book about the rod in the hand of Moses.  Many years ago, I as founder and leader of a twenty-six-year long prison ministry, used Retha’s central theme from her message about Joseph’s dream and wrote my own sermon for the inmates at Botetourt Correctional Unit 25.  I understood the potential in those misguided souls at Camp 25 and encouraged them to fulfill what God had placed in their hearts.

It was then that I felt that God wanted me to write a very small, quick-read book on fulfilling our God-given dreams, words or visions.  I had no idea that it was going to take me years to put my hand on a keyboard and actually type the words.  And, typing the words and even getting the book published didn’t take me to the finish line or land me in the winner’s circle.  I’m still very much in Point B of my dream because what is a book unless that book is read?  And, how do you get the book read if nobody knows it exists?  But God…..

Every person has a God-given purpose and God-given dreams.  You would think that if God gave the dream, word or vision, that it would be easy to accomplish.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  We can look at the life of Joseph and his dream to find out something about what it will take to see our dreams fulfilled.  Most of us give in, give up, and allow our dreams to die on the vine.  But it need not be so.

I surely can’t tell you what your dream is and I surely can’t interpret your dream.  What I can do in Constitution of Iron is to ….

  • Tell the story of Joseph yet one more time
  • Relate Joseph’s dream to your dream
  • Walk you through Point A in Joseph’s dream
  • Walk you through Point A of your dream
  • Walk you through Point C of Joseph’s dream
  • Walk you through Point B of Joseph’s dream
  • Tell you all about your Point B in dream fulfillment when the dream – like a seed – goes underground and it takes faith to keep believing that God will make your dream come true.

May your faith be activated while reading Constitution of Iron to the point that you will dare to put legs on your dreams and dare to trust the Lord yet one more time.  So, it’s no big deal that I can’t make your dream come true.  For you have a God who knows just how to perform miracles and not only that, He’s more than willing to perform them for you.  But God…..