What right do I have to proclaim God’s word and author books about the scriptures?  Why listen to me?  Why read anything that I write?  Why did I start a 26 year prison ministry?  I can tell you when and how I was contacted to do what I’ve been doing for years now.

We were on a vacation either to or from Florida and I had one of those “God moments,” or rather maybe “Holy Spirit moments.”  We were high in the sky in a jet…way up in the clouds.  Why so high?  I probably had to get that much closer to God to be able to accept the call that came next.

So, we’re on this flight and all of a sudden, God was there.  He told me to take out paper and pen.  I did so.  He gave me a list of a dozen teaching titles and I wrote them all down.  He told me to prepare myself for I would be teaching every one of those topics very soon.

What?  I was shy.  I was the one out witnessing who had to hold onto the back of the car because I was so nervous I thought I’d throw up right there.

Scares me just looking at the picIn obedience, I took those lesson titles one by one and starting preparing my teachings.  Then, my pastor who taught an adult class at church, came to me and said that he was going to be leaving to be president of Southern Bible College in Houston and that he wanted me to start teaching his class.

That’s where it all started.  I went through every lesson that was on the sheet that I copied down while in that plane.  You’d think that the rest would have been easy.  Not!  I was applauded for my teaching and I was also criticized severely.  If God had not visited with me in such a way that He did, I would not have made it through the valley.  It was the same with Joseph.  Some will not accept what God wants to do with you.  Some will not receive from your anointing.  “See” your calling through to the end and God will surely be faithful.