Marlene_2I’ve been teaching God’s Word off and on since I was a teenager. When I was very young, one of ways I occupied myself was to sit in our living room by the desk and pretend that I was the Sunday School Superintendent. I never asked about it, but the center drawer in that desk had left-over materials from where I guess my dad was superintendent of Sunday school at one time. There were envelopes, attendance sheets, log books, and various things like that. I’d sit there for hours and pretend I was the Sunday School Superintendent and I’d mark the records and fill in the envelopes.

I guess I’ve been in church since I was in the womb. I’m one of those people who have no idea when they actually became “born again” because as far back as I can remember, I accepted His saving grace.

My real passion is in teaching. All through my younger years, I planned on teaching secular school. Somewhere along the line I am so glad that I changed and wanted to be a railroader. I did not waste those nearly 40 years of my life in railroading. Even though I spent those years working at Norfolk Southern Corporation, I was also in my “other” life working as a teacher of the gospel at church.

I guess my love of teaching the Word led me straight to becoming a prison minister. I was outreach director in my church and I tried many kinds of evangelism, but when I walked into Camp 25 in Troutville, Virginia, I found a niche. In fact, I found one of my dreams come true. Little did I know then that I would be a regular fixture at Camp 25 for the next twenty-six years. Yes, we won some and we lost a lot, but we sowed a lot of seed.

I don’t have the opportunity to teach as much as I’d like, but I do stay extremely busy with leading a home group and leading intercessory prayer at my church. I did have the opportunity recently to write curricula about faith and healing for our School of Leaders. Even though I am much more comfortable teaching than I am in leading prayer meeting, I do try to give my best to whatever and wherever the Lord is leading.

I am all about faith. So, don’t get me wrong when I say that I feel as if I am living on the “death side of life.” What that means to me is that if my life is going to count for anything, the time is now. In fact, I have no time to waste. That is why I am pushing and stretching to make an impact for the Kingdom. I have really reached the age where instead of knowing everything, I know nothing, save Him.

God knows what He wants for me now. I am dreaming. Please dream alongside me. God is not only able, He is very willing. He desires to make our dreams come true.