Another viewWhen you’ve done all you know to do, stand! That sounds to me like a very aggressive stillness. It’s like the British mantra of keeping calm and carrying on. God’s word to Moses was, “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” That sounded easy for God, but when you have the Red Sea in front of you and the Egyptian army behind you, it’s calling for quite an aggressive stand when all you feel like doing is running away.

I remember a time when my husband didn’t quite call for “stand,” but rather an “aggressive sit.” We were on a very rough and stony one-lane road between a river and a sheer rock cliff in Montana for hours and hours until we were overtaken by darkness and yes, some fearful moments. Before dark, we had come to a place where we could pull off and walk across flat land to view the river up close and personal. Earlier on, I had already spotted and photographed a huge full-grown moose. We walked to the river and rested from the washboard effects of the road (if you could even call that thing a road) and were far from our rental vehicle. All of a sudden, we noticed in the distance a huge, but younger bull moose running in full charge toward us. Impulsively, my sister and I grabbed at rocks and began running in the direction of the vehicle. We had a river behind us and a charging moose in front of us!

My husband’s wisdom made us quit running and drop ourselves to the ground. Suddenly, the moose stopped his charge and you could tell he was very perplexed. He could no longer see us. After an eternity, which was really a few seconds, he turned and ran away. That was all the motivation we needed: we jumped up and ran to find the Suburban.

Mark Batterson wrote, “When we find ourselves in this sort of situation, we want to do something-anything. We have a nervous energy that tries to solve the problem as quickly as possible.” That’s a real picture of my sister and me running from a charging bull moose with a couple of small rocks! “But these are the tests that reveal trust. No one wants to find themselves between the Egyptian army and the Red Sea, but that is where our convictions are tried and tested.” This is beginning to sound a lot too like Joseph in Constitution of Iron.

Batterson goes on to say, “Sometimes God leads us to a place where we have nowhere to turn but Him.” In speaking of a problem his church encountered, he said he knew “we needed to stand still, stand firm.”

As people, we think we need to “do” something and sometimes we do need to do something. But, many more times we need to be still.  God is fighting for us! We don’t want to find ourselves in the way.

So, the next time you find yourself between a rock and a hard place, consider that it could be the time to “stand and see the salvation of the Lord.”