the bestI have been waiting to give a testimony that I thought would give glory to God and also help others.  When opportunity didn’t come for sharing, the thought dropped down to me yesterday:  “Do it yourself.  You have a web site and you blog!”  Duh!

I certainly don’t want to get into a match with you as to who was raised poorer.  I know there were a lot more people less fortunate than I was.  Oh, we had plenty of food, but we had mice running in the walls and sometimes in the beds and once we had rats trying to eat through the ceiling of the kitchen, and a mother skunk came in without our approval and raised 8 baby skunks in my mother’s mixing bowl right in the kitchen cabinet.  My sister and I had to wear colored golf shoes to school and even though she thought they were cool, I was mortified.  There was no central heating, but we did have a cook stove in the kitchen and a coal burning wood stove in the dining/sitting room that turned our walls and ceiling black.  I fretted and worried for most of my young life that the old farm house was going to topple over because the foundation on one side was not even in contact with the house.

Early on in our marriage my husband and I were able to build a brand new house.  It wasn’t very long when we felt the Lord telling us to leave our jobs and join a ministry that had asked for our help.  We prayed and fasted and went.  A couple of years later, we found ourselves crushed and torn apart, so we came back to the area.  We spent a short time with my parents, lived in an upstairs apartment of some friends, and finally got an apartment of our own.  Not only had we left a huge brand new home with land, but we gave up great paying positions of 18 years seniority and 10 years seniority and lots of paid vacation to work in the ministry for $3.35/hr. without any time off.  Now, we were back penniless and homeless.  (Yes, we did bank the proceeds from the sale of the house.)

Back then, if you’d known me, you wouldn’t have wanted me around.  At the beginning, I was so sad from the loss of my job and the loss of my home and the loss of the ministry.  If I was invited to your house for a get together, I would have sat there crying because I didn’t have a house anymore.  I was miserable.  Yet, I tried to put it behind me and to trust in the promises in God’s Holy Word.  God answered my prayers for a job first.  My husband and I were both reemployed right where we were previously.  That in itself was a great miracle.  Nevertheless, we did lose our placement – our seniority – and were faced with many layoffs.  I was still yearning for a house of my own and a return of my seniority.

I then found a great promise in Mark 10:29-30.  Jesus Himself said, “Assuredly I say to you, there is no one who has left house or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or lands for my sake and the gospels, who shall not receive a hundredfold now in this time in houses and brothers and sisters and mothers and children and lands, with persecutions – and in the age to come, eternal life.”  I hooked onto that promise, as well as, the promise that God would promote me (Psalm 75:6)  at my job so that my entire seniority would be counted.  In other words, I needed back what the cankerworm had eaten!

Those scriptures were tested and tried in me for several years, but finally in 1986 my husband and I moved into a brand new home that we had built on 3-1/2 acres of land.  Our pastor dedicated this house and land to the Lord.  It took a lot more faith declarations and mountain-moving faith, but in 1999, I was finally promoted to a position with the company wherein my entire seniority finally was counted and I could seek and receive promotions.  I got them too.  After those two great events had come to pass, I quit my faith declarations of Mark 10:29-30.

Recently, a retired friend asked us for help in getting to the doctor, among other things.  We were glad to be of service to him.  Long story short, when he passed on to glory, he left his house, his land, his bank accounts and everything in his house to us.  God was showing me that what He says, He is more than willing and able to perform.

I did leave one house with a clear and pure heart of service to God.  In return, I ended up with a brand new updated home on more land.  I got my job back, as well as, seniority and promotions and money.  Then, I received someone else’s home and land and money.  After all this occurred, I was standing in the back of my church as an usher for that particular service, and all of a sudden, God brought back to me that scripture passage out of Mark 10.  He let me know that He had fulfilled that promise.

If you think this is about houses or lands or money or jobs, look again.  This is about your believing God for what you need and what you want.  It is about getting the promise and fulfilling the premise and never giving up until it’s yours.  It’s all about faith and taking God at His Word.

Take time to notice one more thing about those verses in Mark 10.  It reads that if you leave house (singular), you get houses (plural).  I’m excited to see what else God is going to do in my life!  I know one thing….it’s going to be good.

To God be the glory….great things He has done!