22Evangelist Pat Schlatzline phrased it, “God always reveals, reverses, and then restores!”  It’s true: we get the revelation of a promise from God that so totally fits our situation and it puts us on a spiritual cloud 9. Unfortunately, we think the provision should be immediate for after all, we live in an ‘instant drive-through’ society.  Whether we call it a problem, a reverse, or Point B in our promise, we can’t get to the provision or the restoration without going there.

What is your problem? Have your sought the promise? Joseph had a dream that was his promise.

Here was a man whose only credentials for a job was that he was a believer, he had a dream, and he’d spent most of his life in prison. That doesn’t amount to much on a resume’.  I’m certainly in favor of the finest education one can receive, but that in itself is not enough to reach where God has planned for us to go.  We need to hear from Him, allow ourselves to be tested, and then grow into what God has for us.  And we have to do it without giving up….no matter what!  Being in God’s will sets us in a spectacular place of blessing.  We can be chosen for the position over and above those with greater experience and education.  God will get executives to come and knock on our doors for a change.  Our limitations are of our own making, for with God, all things are possible.

In my secular work, I traveled by private jet to destinations all over the United States.  Sometimes, even though it cost a lot of money, that private jet would come to Roanoke just to pick me up!  Who am I?  Just a little farm girl at heart who was sick for over twenty years and who for many reasons did not have a complete college education.  But God……I found myself in a position leading a staff and arranging and executing meetings all over the country…writing curriculum and teaching it to facilitators and presenting it before executive management and that was only part of it.

You can’t talk me out of Constitution of Iron and the lessons it contains.  I’ve lived it.