OneLeading others to Christ……  I remember the first time I tried talking to someone about Jesus.  I was a very young kid and some people at church decided to evangelize the community.  The group I was with went to the farm right next to ours and we got run away with shouts of “don’t come back…ever!”  Well, so much for my first time out!

The next time, I was grown and the “I Found It” campaign was in full swing.  I can remember riding in a vehicle full of people from the church and going into a strange neighborhood (well, that was much better than being run off by your own neighbors).  My heart was gripped with fear.  I was very shy and backwards anyway being from a very remote farm with hardly ever a visit “from the outside.”  I was so scared that I went behind that car and laid on the trunk and was extremely sick to the point of throwing up.  Somehow I mustered the courage to finish out what we were supposed to be doing and made it through.

Some years after that, I was Outreach Director at my church and knocked on lots of doors with much success, participated in a successful bus ministry and children’s ministry, and began a twenty-six year long prison ministry.

It’s extremely difficult for me to reach out to the public and sell my book, Constitution of Iron.  I don’t do it for myself, but since I am the only one who knows for sure that God called me to write that book, I feel that I must help get it out.  I have not and will not gain one cent or recover one cent of anything that comes out of the book.  I do it because of one of our shared purposes in life:  to spread the good word of the gospel.

Let’s determine that we will watch for every opportunity that Holy Spirit opens up for us to share Jesus to the people around us.  You might not be a Joseph, but you are a somebody in the kingdom.  Make a difference by starting today.