Our twenty-six year prison ministry was called New Beginnings.  For willing inmates, we offered a fresh start to their lives and the wonderful gift of salvation.

Even though time to God is not like what it is to us, nevertheless, 2015 offers us exciting new beginnings and along with that, hurdles to overcome.  It is a time to enlarge and stretch ourselves in our Lord.

We should question ourselves as we enter into the new season, such things as:

  • Will I stretch myself in 2015?
  • Will I apply and believe His promises in every situation?
  • Will I desire to spend more time with Him than ever before?
  • Will I give of myself more than ever before to a hurt and discouraged world?
  • Will I stand up for what’s right and good even though the world mocks me?
  • Will I make a positive difference in my community and in my church and in my family this year?
  • Will I acknowledge the dream He’s placed in my heart and believe that all things are possible?
  • What do you want me to do Lord?

During a time when great darkness covers the earth, we can hide ourselves and be timid.  Or, we can realize that in times of great darkness we should let our lights shine.  In a world of great light, our little lights might not make a great impact.  But in this current darkness when our nation seems to be totally out of control and world conditions deteriorate, our little lights in all this darkness can make a dramatic difference.

So, let your light shine.  Make every moment count.  You are an ambassador in your home, in your church, in your community, in your city, and in your world.  We have an awesome responsibility and an awesome assignment.  Let’s present Christ to our world.