Most of my friends are not the Charismatic type.  In fact, most don’t speak in other tongues like I do and they definitely don’t care to hear the prophetic voice in the earth today.  That’s the main reasons I haven’t posted anything like this before.  I don’t want this to be lengthy, so I’ll just give you enough to check it out for yourselves.

From the first moment that Mr. Trump announced he was running for president, my spirit man did somersaults.  Why, I wondered did this happen?  My mind was going tilt, but my spirit was jumping.  It got my attention real quick so I watched and waited and did not speak my mind about the man.  I’m not sure of the particular order of events, but I’ll just for now give bullet points on things I personally read or saw that slowly made me realize that God has given us Mr. Trump as an answer to our cry about our nation.

  • I saw the video with Mr. Trump bowing and different kinds of Christians (Kenneth Copeland, Paula White, David Jeremiah – I think) were around him praying and he was so humble and receptive.
  • I heard a prophecy way in advance of his announcement that God was sending us a “patriot,” not a preacher, not a Christian, not whatever…a patriot.
  • I heard  Kim Clemente come out real early and prophesy positively about Mr. Trump.
  • I heard things that Glenda Jackson said that made me think of Mr. Trump.
  • I heard video clip after video clip of Lance Wallnau prophesying about Mr. Trump.
  • I heard the CD by Rich Vera where he was instructed to go on a 21-day fast.  He obeyed and God talked to him about how He had prepared Donald Trump as an answer to our prayers.  In the discourse with God, God mentioned how Mr. Trump’s life would be in danger and that a special angel had been assigned to him for this “assignment.”  The CD’s are available and will be enlightening to you in other areas concerning us.
  • I read some things where John Paul Jackson (before he passed away to glory) was interviewed and it was prophesied about the man God was going to use to help America and it surely seemed to me that it was a description of Mr. Trump.
  • Then, I received a blog from the Praying Medic where he wrote pages of discourse where all these Christians were starting to have prophetic dreams from God about Donald Trump.  All the dreams were of a positive nature and were taken by the dreamers as a sign from God that The Donald had been given to us as an answer to prayer for our nation.
  • It was prophesied that God would give us someone like a hammer or a bull dozer.  That description fits Mr. Trump.
  • It was prophesied that God would give us a Cyrus.  Check Cyrus out.  The Bible never says for sure that Cyrus believed in God as we know it, but he was surely used of God to do much for God’s people and to propel the plans of God.

I know Max Lucado  says that Mr. Trump does not pass his litmus test of decency.  God used a donkey and he can surely use Donald Trump.  I personally think his name is prophetic in being a trumpet to tear apart the things that are holding this country captive.

To quote the Praying Medic, “He (God) generally changes the course of a nation’s history by working through key individuals at a critical point in time and using them to accomplish His will.”

Yes, I do a lot of “eye-rolling” and in the natural just go tilt at a lot that comes from Mr. Trump!  But, I know that I know that I know that we have an opportunity to listen to the prophetic voices and I, for one, believe that God has prepared us a man for such a time as this.

This perhaps may not be very well written, but it will serve its purpose for now.

Christians in huge numbers have not voted in the past.  Pastors are saying that nothing can save America.  I wholeheartedly disagree and I am thankful that God has prepared a man for us.