My friendRecently, I blogged about standing on a promise of God and inheriting a house, land, and bank accounts of a friend.  I grabbed hold of a scripture and even though it took many years for it to come to pass, God never forgot His promise and He so lavishly blessed me.

Part of the ending of that story, was that I did not fail to tithe on that inheritance.  Sometimes, we don’t realize how we rob God…in praises… worship……and in returning to Him from what He has given us. A long time ago, an evangelist wrote in a letter, “God will get it to you if He can get it through you.”

Mark Batterson wrote in IF, “When you meet the conditional clause of God’s promises, you better buckle your seat belt. Crazy stuff happens. You never know how or when or where His blessings will overtake you. But not unlike His mercy and goodness, which follow us all the days of our lives, the blessings of God are tracking you down like a heat-seeking missile. They’re hot on your trail. And someday, one day, they’re going to overtake you.” He goes on to say, “God doesn’t bless us so we can raise our standard of living, God blesses us so we can raise our standard of giving. The greatest blessing of a blessing is the ability to bless others because of it.”

Growing up very poor made me selfish for many years. I had to learn to give and see the revelation of it in the Word of God. Many of my relatives and friends would rather we all stop with the birthday and Christmas gifts, but I am just compelled to continue the tradition. I don’t want to give up one bit of giving it up! I’ve learned to be joyful in giving.

Let’s not only give out of obedience to His word, but let’s learn to live to give!