The most common way that God speaks to us is through the “still small voice.”  Most of us will probably never hear the audible voice of God, but it is still a great possibility.  Many of us receive dreams, words, or a vision.  When I speak of dreams, I don’t always mean that we fall asleep and we see in our mind a mini-movie of something from God.  Many more times, I believe our dreams are seeds and desires and purposes planted in the garden of our hearts by God.

10653478_791125917605343_2583091255769557054_n[1]In Constitution of Iron, I relate that Joseph had a dream from God.  In Joseph’s case, he had a prophetic dream that wouldn’t be fulfilled until many years later.  Joseph “saw” in his dream that his brother’s sheaves bowed down to his sheaf.  In my dream, which was not visual, but rather a desire planted in my heart by God, I was to write inspirational books to help people in their walk with God.  Yes, I’ve had other God-given desires that have long since been fulfilled, but this by far has been the most frustrating, hurdle jumping, blockage running, and costly dream thus far.

Dreams from God are not uncommon.  In fact, the Bible relates cases where both godly and  ungodly men have had warning dreams from God as in the case of Pharaoh,  Joseph (husband of Mary), and Nebuchadnezzar.  I recall that many years ago my husband had a dream about his sister.  She appeared in the dream as the figurehead to an ancient sailing vessel.  Retha had always been a background serving person in the ministry, but not a “figurehead.”  Years later, the dream came to a reality and Rev. Retha Garten is and has been for some time now leading the way as President of Northern Florida Christian Center and pastor of the church by the same name.

Your dream won’t be accepted by everybody.  You should try to get over that as soon as possible.  Sure, there will be people along the way sent by God to encourage you and to help you, but don’t rely on the arm of flesh.  You might need a miracle along the way and only God can provide one for you.

It would be nice if dream fulfillment would be easy.  Unfortunately, there are many pitfalls in making dreams a reality  just like Joseph finding himself “put in a pit” during the long years before his dream was fulfilled.  Although each of us will encounter our own special difficulties in dream fulfillment, some trials to overcome will be:

  • Discouragement
  • Confusion
  • Loss of Vision
  • Withdrawal

The question remains:  Will you have resolve or regret?

One review of Constitution of Iron goes like this:  “This book will surely ignite your faith, hope and perseverance that, no matter your age or regardless of what others think or how they may harm your calling, God is still working His plan for you.  This book would be a great Christmas gift for anyone, but especially for a young person seeking to discover and walk out his/her life purpose.”