Many of us have heard it said, “Where God leads, He provides.”  I agree wholeheartedly with that statement.  I’ll go further to state that when God plants a dream, desire, or purpose in your heart, the provision to make it a reality is already in place.

We sometimes rely on past experience instead of faith when it comes to our dreams.  Did you ever think that God had forgotten all about you andbird bath your dream?  I feel to answer that question by relating an incident in the Bible.  You might remember that Joshua was deceived by the Gibeonites and formed a league with them without even talking to God about it.  After the deception was revealed, Joshua stuck to the agreement and even had to go to battle to save the Gibeonites.  Much later after Joshua was well out of the scene, David was King of Israel and there was a severe famine in the land.  When David inquired of God as to what was causing the famine, God told David that it was because former King Saul had persecuted the Gibeonites, thus breaking the covenant or league that Joshua had made with them about 400 years earlier.  Man had forgotten, but God did not forget.  God doesn’t forget what He’s planted inside of you either.

So how do we keep the dream alive?

  • Realize that God is your source
  • Realize that God already knows your future and has made provision for it
  • Realize that when things are impossible, that you serve the God of the possible…only believe
  • Realize that dream fulfillment comes from an exercise of faith
  • Realize that the fulfillment of your dream from God doesn’t depend on the economy of the world

God is waiting and watching to find faith in the earth.  I believe that He’s looking to you to take that step of faith and begin putting some legs on your dreams.  If we look to past failures, our dreams will die on the vine.  There’s a lot of merit in the old adage “nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

There was a young man with a dog who sat begging around our area.  I admit that the dog caught my attention before the guy did.  I don’t know how many locations he begged from, but I saw him at several and even if I’d already left the grocery store, I’d swing back in and buy dog food and buy a meal for the guy and drop it off to him.  Once I circled back around to purchase a chicken dinner for the beggar and God stopped me and told me what to tell the guy.  I looked for paper in the car, but only found an envelope.  I carefully wrote down exactly what I felt Holy Spirit was telling me for the guy to do.  This time when I dropped off the food, I also told him that God had a message for him.  I gave him the food and the envelope.  I never saw the guy again.  I believe the message pierced his heart and I believe he did what God asked him to do.  That guy was a beggar on the side of the road, but God had plans for him.  His dreams were definitely in a derail situation, but thanks to our God, I believe the young man was turned around.