In Constitution of Iron I relate a strategy that the devil uses to make us forfeit our God-given dreams and that weapon against us is withdrawal.  “We give up and ask, what’s the use?  ….we move from the front of the church to the middle of the church.  Then we move to the back of the church and finally out the back door.  We stop praying and expecting.  We shut down and withdraw.  We give in to our excuses.  We try to let the dream die.”

I know a couple who were struggling with an employer over wages that were being withheld.  They were praying and praying for God’s intervention.  Then a minister of the Lord came to preach and during the service called them out and gave a “word” from the Lord to them about how God was going to prosper them financially.  The rest of this is all my own musings, but I believe because the couple was being hit hard by the devil in their finances that God gave the encouraging word to the couple to help them believe in how He wanted to prosper them.  Instead of adhering to and believing that word, because everything looked opposite from that word, it produced a resentment in them that caused them to withdraw just as Constitution of Iron related.

This couple had a word, a good and encouraging word from the Lord.  When that word was tried in them, instead of looking at the promises of God, they looked at their circumstances and they looked at what the employer was doing to them and they chose offense rather than freedom.  They chose unbelief rather than belief.  Folks, God will send a lifeboat, but you will have to climb in or drown.

God has placed before us life or death.  Let’s choose to believe the Word of God and apply it to our own personal circumstances.  God’s word is life and it is light.  His word is all truth.  God’s word…….YOU can depend on it!

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