turks don't think thanksgivingMy last blog about Joseph centered in on how Joseph could have taken his circumstances into his own hands by blaming God for his problems and moving into the void that slavery and Potiphar’s wife offered him by sinning.

Never have I seen so many opportunities to fill our recreation time with filth and degradation as we see in today’s world.  We can sin in thought or deed on the internet, watching television, going to the wrong places, and filling our minds with filth.  You can’t live two lives; garbage going in produces garbage coming out!

The void caused by my husband’s hernia was filled by a rogue intestine producing much pain and suffering.  The surgeon said, “What happened, should not have happened.”  Vacuums or voids don’t exist naturally; they are created.  Long before acts are committed, thoughts about those acts come into voids in our minds.  What we do with those thoughts determines our actions, our behaviors, our integrity, and our futures.

How do we capture a rogue or rebellious thought?  For people my age, we could think of Barney Fife and decide immediately to “nip it in the bud.”

What we need to do with improper thoughts is to fill the void with something else.  Nothing fills a void better than God’s Word.  Truth in, Truth out.  Word in, Word out.

You have the power to control your thoughts.  Use it.

Come on, you know most of you haven’t yet read Constitution of Iron.  It was written for you as a gift from God.  Let’s learn how we can overcome in this life by following the life of Joseph.