If any scripture related more than others to the men at the prison I ministered in for 26 years, it was Jeremiah 29:11.  “For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome.”  If ever there were dreams that had died on the vine, it was the dreams of those inmates.   Many people still believe that God is against them and is angry toward them.  We need to renew our minds that God only has good things waiting for us.  And not only that, God is the one to orchestrate our dreams to a powerful and positive conclusion.

Shades of PinkIn my last blog, I related a story about making and keeping vows.  In it, I showed that God did not forget a vow even though that vow was surrounded by trickery and deceit.  If God intended for a 400-year-old vow that was made by trickery and deceit to be kept and not forgotten, He does not forget what He planted in your heart.  Sometimes we allow time to whitewash our dreams into obscurity and fail to realize that  God uses time to incorporate the supernatural into the fulfilling of the dream.  What we view as taking too long, God views as turning your impossible into the possible!  God could have given Abraham and Sara the son at any time, but He chose to give Isaac long after the time of childbearing.  Just as God showed off for Abraham, God wants to show off for you.

If I had to interpret signposts along the way for dream fulfillment, they would go something like this:

  • A dream from God won’t be something that you could do on your own
  • A dream from God will never be something that is against or opposite His divine Word
  • A dream from God is not always something wrapped in flashy foil, but could come in a brown paper wrapper
  • A dream from God will come with tests and trials that are not impossible to overcome
  • A dream from God takes faith to bring to fruition
  • A dream from God is like a seed in that it will have to go underground sooner than later
  • A dream from God can always come true for the believer

We could argue that the Gibeonites didn’t deserve Joshua’s help because of the way they schemed to obtain the vow of protection.  This reminds me that we don’t always deserve to have our dreams come true.  If God cared about the vow so much that years later He had David make restitution to the Gibeonites, then I rest assured that when we let down and get into confusion and unbelief as it relates to our dream, that God can and will put us back on track.  We just have to get back into the game.  We just have to go back where we lost it and pick it back up again.