My husband recently experienced severe abdominal pain and had to be hospitalized for what appeared to be a kink in his intestine.  After six days of having no food or water, the non-surgical procedure to eliminate his problem did not work and he had surgery at the end of the sixth day.

It ended up that my husband had a very small hernia that his doctor was watching, but it was deemed not necessary for surgery.  That very small hernia created a void, an opening, a hole that all of a sudden, a little piece of intestine decided to flop there and as a result, twist and cut off its use to the body.  The surgeon had to open my husband’s abdomen up and manually put the rebellious intestine back where it belonged.  He also fixed the hernia and eliminated the void.

It comes to mind that we are a lot like that rebellious intestine.  When we get a little void, a space, a convenient time or place, we too get out of line and flop right where we aren’t supposed to be.  Constitution of Iron tells the story of Joseph.  Joseph had a void in his life; there was an opening and opportunity; a place where he could go and perhaps nobody know.

Finding himself in a foreign land as a mere servant, Joseph could easily have fallen prey to the enemy’s deception and decideLillies up close that Potiphar’s wife could be the very means to get him out of his situation and perhaps be a pleasant little side trip that nobody would know about, especially his family and former friends.

Not to be, for Joseph didn’t even have to think about it, for thinking and reasoning on it would have meant death to him as it means to us.  When we reason over a possible deviance from what is right and good, we already lose ground.

We will have voids and empty places and opportunities to prove ourselves faithful.  Let’s always fall on the side of godliness and holiness and purity and faithfulness and …..well, you get the picture.

God calls us to be separate.  We are to act according to the restraints of the Holy Word of God.  There will be failures, but thank God, He cleans us back up when we turn back to Him and He even forgets the failure and sends us on our way.  What a loving God we serve!