Got foodI’ve been studying the Guidebook Daring Faith and have come across many things that remind me of my own book, Constitution of Iron.  The guide reads, “…don’t be surprised when people try to hold you back.” This comment refers to our God-given dreams. Although I addressed this several times in my book, page 21 reads, “But there’s always someone waiting to strip you of your anointing. There’s always someone who is going to be jealous, envious, and just plain angry with you.” Sometimes it is best keeping your dream to yourself.

Daring Faith goes on to describe four giants that David faced before he faced Goliath. I also point out several giants under the chapter entitled “Satan’s Strategies to Overcome,” that will fight against your dream.  I listed those as discouragement, confusion, loss of vision, and withdrawal.  Let’s take a closer look at the giants listed in the guide and compare those with gleanings from Constitution of Iron:

  1. The giant of delay.  In the guide, it is pointed out that even David’s father held him back from the destiny pronounced over him by the prophet Samuel. The guide stated, “There is always a waiting period.” In Constitution of Iron, I refer to this as to the germination period where the seed (your dream) goes underground for a period of time. When your seed (dream) is underground, it takes faith to trust that God is working behind the scenes to bring your dream to fulfillment.
  2. The giant of discouragement. The guide pointed out how scared everyone was of Goliath and then pointed out how David proclaimed that the battle was the Lord’s battle. This point was mentioned many times in Constitution of Iron, but I’ll make a small quote for the sake of time“If you can remember it, you can resurrect it.  If you’ve forgotten it, repent and ask God to bring it back to you. If you’ve given up on it, fan the spark that’s left with the fuel of faith, and stand back and see what God can do in and through you.”
  3. The giant of disapproval. Your dream will be met with disapproval from some of your closest relations. The guide notes that you will be misjudged, maligned, and misunderstood. My book reads, “Joseph shared his dream, and his brothers hated him for it. Sometimes it’s best we keep to ourselves the personal things God has said to us.” Recently because of being criticized, I made the decision to shut down the things that God was speaking to me. God spoke to a prayer warrior to call me on the phone and tell me that I was not to quench the Spirit of God or fear what others thought of what God wanted me to share. I was then shown by God’s Spirit Psalm 118:6.
  4. The giant of doubt. Even King Saul tried to sow doubt into the heart of David. According to Constitution of Iron, we have a propensity to quit believing and to stop somewhere between Point A and Point C of our dream.

“By persevering through Point B in his dream and developing a constitution of iron, Joseph exchanged his iron fetters for necklaces of gold.” You too have gold in you that needs to be brought to the surface and the process involves being put to the test in the fires of adversity. It doesn’t necessarily sound like fun, but it will be exciting and you will have a great testimony.

Let’s get out there and slay some giants!