You might be thinking, “Why should I read Constitution of Iron about the life of Joseph.  You’re thinking that the loved and probably rich boy has nothing to offer you in your situation.

Joseph’s life will relate to you if:

  • You come from a loving mother and father
  • You come from a mixed family of some of hers, some of his, and some from another
  • You come from a loving mother and father who are well off
  • You come from a terribly dysfunctional family
  • You come from a family full of jealousy
  • You come from a family where favoritism exists among the parents and children
  • You come from a family with the potential for murder to be in some hearts
  • You come from a family where you are the apple of your dad’s eye
  • You come from a family where the other kid got the best clothes (coat of many colors) and yours were not – maybe hand-me-downs

Well, I trust you get the picture.  I can’t think of anybody at any age who cannot glean from the many treasures found in Constitution of Iron.

While you are thinking about it, order the book from your local store or on line through WestBow Press, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Christianbooks and many others.

The book comes in hardcover, soft cover, and e-downloadable copy.  It’s fairly inexpensive.

This is a quick read….it was meant to be quick.  You won’t get bogged down in the middle or sag at the end.  One of my mandates was to provide a short, stay to the subject book for all ages and for all persons.  I did my best.  God will do the rest.  He may choose to use you.