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Let’s Not Miss This One

It won’t be long and our course as a nation will either continue toward the demise of ‘life as we know it’ or we will have a lengthening of what tranquility we have left.  Here’s yet another word about our election….this one from Australia….


“Pray For Discernment! A Vision of the Spirit of Deception Over the […]

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Daring Faith

I’ve been studying the Guidebook Daring Faith and have come across many things that remind me of my own book, Constitution of Iron.  The guide reads, “…don’t be surprised when people try to hold you back.” This comment refers to our God-given dreams. Although I addressed this several times in my book, page 21 reads, “But there’s […]

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My Mind is Going Tilt, but I’m for Trump…here’s why….

Most of my friends are not the Charismatic type.  In fact, most don’t speak in other tongues like I do and they definitely don’t care to hear the prophetic voice in the earth today.  That’s the main reasons I haven’t posted anything like this before.  I don’t want this to be lengthy, so I’ll just […]

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Suit of Armor

I was just reflecting on a visit to Madrid where I chose to visit a great history and war museum with rooms filled with “all things conquistador.”  From my youth up, I was fascinated with suits of armor and all things medieval.  It seems only fitting that my first book would have a suit of […]

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Pitted, Potted, and Putted

In Constitution of Iron, we read that Joseph was pitted, potted, and putted.  “He was thrown into a pit, lied about by Potiphar’s wife, and put right in prison.”

My book goes on to read, “Joseph seemed to have always wanted to do right, and I believe he did do right.  Yet all he seemed to […]

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I Like a Good Story; How About You?

The problem is, we don’t want to go through anything.  Well, at least I don’t!  I’d rather be “Teflon woman” and go through without the opposition that so easily besets me.  We get confused as Christians sometimes and think we were planted in a rose garden somewhat akin to the Garden of Eden.  The truth […]

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Around the World

Constitution of Iron has made it into Singapore.  The following is from Pastor David Chee, New Destiny Fellowship International in Singapore:

“Hi Marlene.  Received with thanks the awesome book today.  It will surely be a great inspiration and resource for our ministry.  Your material is so helpful.”

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Speak One More Time

The truth is, our words carry supernatural power within them.  You never know (although God does know) which word will be the one that carries the deciding blow to cast your mountain into the sea.  Will you continue trusting God and His word to deliver you?

If you do make the decision to stand on the […]

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America! America! God shed His grace on thee. America.

More and more you hear or read from pastors who feel that it is too late for our country or that it is too late “to take back America.” If that is where their faith lies, then so be it. They probably no longer pray for America.

If I were to buy […]

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Which Word will be THE Word?

Just as God’s Word creates something from nothing, our words are powerful instruments of creation, producing good or bad in our own lives and in the lives of others.

There’s certainly not much recorded in the Bible about what Joseph actually said on a day-to-day basis, but we  know from his outcome and from the fact […]

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