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Stand Therefore

When you’ve done all you know to do, stand! That sounds to me like a very aggressive stillness. It’s like the British mantra of keeping calm and carrying on. God’s word to Moses was, “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” That sounded easy for God, but when you have the Red […]

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Comments from Sweden

When someone writes about what Constitution of Iron has meant to them, I get very excited.

Here’s an excerpt from a letter I got from Sweden:

“I have been reading through your book, Constitution of Iron again.  It is a noteworthy book, loaded with encouragement and advice for pursuers of dreams and visions.  I am convinced that it […]

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Live to Give

Recently, I blogged about standing on a promise of God and inheriting a house, land, and bank accounts of a friend.  I grabbed hold of a scripture and even though it took many years for it to come to pass, God never forgot His promise and He so lavishly blessed me.

Part of the ending of […]

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Promise – Problem – Provision

Evangelist Pat Schlatzline phrased it, “God always reveals, reverses, and then restores!”  It’s true: we get the revelation of a promise from God that so totally fits our situation and it puts us on a spiritual cloud 9. Unfortunately, we think the provision should be immediate for after all, we live in an ‘instant drive-through’ society.  Whether we […]

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Who Gave Me the Right?

What right do I have to proclaim God’s word and author books about the scriptures?  Why listen to me?  Why read anything that I write?  Why did I start a 26 year prison ministry?  I can tell you when and how I was contacted to do what I’ve been doing for years now.

We were on […]

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And the Winner of the Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest is………

The votes are counted and we’ve come up with the winner of this year’s Ugly Sweater Contest…and folks, it was no contest at all!

I saw this ugly sweater last Christmas.  I know it must be very special to the owner because it was worn again this year.

Allow me to describe the ugly sweater………

Across the breast of the […]

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Is Your Savior Still in a Manger?

Maybe the better question is, “Where is your Savior today?”  Did you know that when Jesus finished His work related to the cross that He sat down at the right hand of His Father who is in heaven?  Romans 8:34 tells us in part when speaking of Jesus, “who is even at the right hand […]

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Recent Testimony – God is True to His Word

I have been waiting to give a testimony that I thought would give glory to God and also help others.  When opportunity didn’t come for sharing, the thought dropped down to me yesterday:  “Do it yourself.  You have a web site and you blog!”  Duh!

I certainly don’t want to get into a match with you […]

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Garbage in, Garbage Out

My last blog about Joseph centered in on how Joseph could have taken his circumstances into his own hands by blaming God for his problems and moving into the void that slavery and Potiphar’s wife offered him by sinning.

Never have I seen so many opportunities to fill our recreation time with filth and degradation as […]

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Don’t Flop Into the Void

My husband recently experienced severe abdominal pain and had to be hospitalized for what appeared to be a kink in his intestine.  After six days of having no food or water, the non-surgical procedure to eliminate his problem did not work and he had surgery at the end of the sixth day.

It ended up that […]

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