The votes are counted and we’ve come up with the winner of this year’s Ugly Sweater Contest…and folks, it was no contest at all!

I saw this ugly sweater last Christmas.  I know it must be very special to the owner because it was worn again this year.

Allow me to describe the ugly sweater………

  • Across the breast of the sweater is laid out the little Town of Bethlehem
  • You can see the donkeys, the houses, and get a good layout of Bethlehem
  • Above the town in the sky was a star….shining brightly
  • Above the manger was the caption, “It’s a girl!”

I remember thinking hard last year at what this Christmas sweater was supposed to convey.  I knew that the person wearing the sweater was an unbeliever.  So, was this sweater being worn year to year as a mockery to His Holy Word?  Does proclaiming that the new baby being born there in the manger was a girl just a crude joke to the wearer?   Was it supposed to be amusing or were there deeper issues involved?  Is the ugly Christmas sweater tied up in a women’s liberation thing?  Is it a purposeful disrespect of the scriptures or just an unbeliever’s twisting of scripture?

I don’t know “all” of what that ugliest of sweaters is supposed to mean, but I do know that Ron and I have prayed salvation over the lady and her husband for some time.  We might not be able to change all the ugly Christmas sweaters into something beautiful, but God is able to change everything as we pray.  Let’s pray to change the world one ugly Christmas sweater at a time.

I’d like to see her wearing the sweater next year that proclaims “REDEEMED!”