I am retired already!  Why would I want to strap myself down at this point in my life writing books?  Especially since I have invested so much time and money in self-publishing my first book Constitution of Iron?

I could be living in Florida in The Villages with my days filled with golf, swimming, shopping, and dancing the night away.  OK, so I have never played golf, but I could learn.  Why – after working full time for over 40 years would I want to spend my days in front of a computer?  These are my golden years and don’t I deserve some time off for “diligent” behavior?  It’s not like I need the money now either.  Well, that’s a moot point because I have promised all the royalties from my book to my church anyway.

My former boss used to say, “Every good deed won’t go unpunished!”  As I look back over my life, my husband and I have always taken the narrow road and more of the selfless road.  We spent the early parts of our marriage together going out every Saturday and combing neighborhoods for people who needed to hear the Good News of the Gospel.  We would then visit the grocery store and purchase items for use by the adults and (mostly) children who would be joining us the next day at church.  We’d get up very early on Sunday morning and carry coolers of food and drink to our church bus.  All the stuff would be loaded onto the big blue ex-school bus, appropriately named “Blue Angel” and we would ride out over the City of Roanoke, Virginia to pick up the people we met with on Saturday and bring them to church.

Most of the children on the bus were hungry and their parents were still in bed.  While passing breakfast out to all of them on the bus, one little boy looked up at my husband and asked very innocently, “Are you my natural father?”  I guess he was in desperate need for a father and some love.  That question had a major impact on our lives.  It haunts me to this day.  I wonder what happened to that little boy.

Once we were at church, we were the Kid’s Church leaders.  While “big church” was going on, we would teach the young ones and we always had a hand-craft to make which required lots of preparation and planning.  The kids were hungry after church too, but we were prepared for that as well and we served them something from the coolers on the bus.

It was a long, hard day.  Gee, come to think of it, we barely got home before we would have to turn around and go back to church for the Sunday evening service!  Then, it was back to work on Monday morning.  Oh, Youth and Energy!  Where have you gone???

I’m not telling you all this for any kind of applause or recognition.  I just think that you need to see a little more into my heart.  If you are going to read what I write, you need to know where I’ve been and what I have been doing.

Many years and another church later, I was leading our Outreach Department.  We went out in two’s and witnessed to people about the love of Jesus in a planned and specific targeting of the areas around our church.  I also started other types of outreaches, but in December 1983, I started leading a group to the local State prison in Troutville, Virginia that began a twenty-six year labor of love.  There was never a question of what we were going to do on Saturday evenings:  we would be praising, worshipping, teaching and praying with inmates from all over the State of Virginia.  Our ministry there ended suddenly in October 2009 when the State decided to close the facility.

Since then, another church later (the other one does not exist anymore), I have been producing teachings, leading a ladies’ life group, and leading our intercessory prayer group.  I also serve as an usher in the church and I plan to continue these and other things while I follow the Lord in inspirational writing.

My philosophy:  I have said to others that I am now on the “death side of life.”  I can tell that this statement upsets my friends.  I don’t mean it to be morbid.  In fact, it’s just saying that time is ‘of the essence’ and whatever I am going to do to make my mark in this life…to make my life count for something…to make an impact in the Kingdom – no matter how great or small, I need to do it NOW.  So, I guess those golf lessons are going to have to wait.

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