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Daring Faith

I’ve been studying the Guidebook Daring Faith and have come across many things that remind me of my own book, Constitution of Iron.  The guide reads, “…don’t be surprised when people try to hold you back.” This comment refers to our God-given dreams. Although I addressed this several times in my book, page 21 reads, “But there’s […]

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My Mind is Going Tilt, but I’m for Trump…here’s why….

Most of my friends are not the Charismatic type.  In fact, most don’t speak in other tongues like I do and they definitely don’t care to hear the prophetic voice in the earth today.  That’s the main reasons I haven’t posted anything like this before.  I don’t want this to be lengthy, so I’ll just […]

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Suit of Armor

I was just reflecting on a visit to Madrid where I chose to visit a great history and war museum with rooms filled with “all things conquistador.”  From my youth up, I was fascinated with suits of armor and all things medieval.  It seems only fitting that my first book would have a suit of […]

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