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Comments from Sweden

When someone writes about what Constitution of Iron has meant to them, I get very excited.

Here’s an excerpt from a letter I got from Sweden:

“I have been reading through your book, Constitution of Iron again.  It is a noteworthy book, loaded with encouragement and advice for pursuers of dreams and visions.  I am convinced that it […]

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Live to Give

Recently, I blogged about standing on a promise of God and inheriting a house, land, and bank accounts of a friend.  I grabbed hold of a scripture and even though it took many years for it to come to pass, God never forgot His promise and He so lavishly blessed me.

Part of the ending of […]

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Promise – Problem – Provision

Evangelist Pat Schlatzline phrased it, “God always reveals, reverses, and then restores!”  It’s true: we get the revelation of a promise from God that so totally fits our situation and it puts us on a spiritual cloud 9. Unfortunately, we think the provision should be immediate for after all, we live in an ‘instant drive-through’ society.  Whether we […]

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