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Garbage in, Garbage Out

My last blog about Joseph centered in on how Joseph could have taken his circumstances into his own hands by blaming God for his problems and moving into the void that slavery and Potiphar’s wife offered him by sinning.

Never have I seen so many opportunities to fill our recreation time with filth and degradation as […]

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Don’t Flop Into the Void

My husband recently experienced severe abdominal pain and had to be hospitalized for what appeared to be a kink in his intestine.  After six days of having no food or water, the non-surgical procedure to eliminate his problem did not work and he had surgery at the end of the sixth day.

It ended up that […]

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The Wounded and the Hurt

I’ve read a few Facebook posts about people you meet who smile slightly with their mouths, but the smile never reaches their eyes.  This has been deemed something akin to an “unsmile,” if there could be such a word.  People have judged others as insincere smilers.

It made me think back to my smile.  I have […]

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