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Winter can be so dark and bleak that we always try to have some blooming plants around for the New Year.  I found this very ugly bulb recently and brought it home for my husband to tend.  When our dreams go underground, they are like that ugly Amaryllis bulb:  they appear dead and show no […]

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S T R E T C H!!!

Have any of you visited museums displaying ancient methods of torture?  No.  Well, I am sure you’ve seen some of them in old movies or on TV.  One of them was a type of “stretch” contraption called “The Rack.”  It was designed to stretch you until your bones popped out of their sockets.

While “godly” stretching is not designed to be […]

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Make You or Break You

How do “you” go through a trial?  Do YOU consider it all joy when temptations and trials knock on your door?

How many of us go kicking and screaming through trials and tribulations?  I can tell you this:  I’ve won some, but I’ve lost a lot more!

That’s what I like so much about the story of Joseph.  […]

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