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How Does God Speak to Us?

The most common way that God speaks to us is through the “still small voice.”  Most of us will probably never hear the audible voice of God, but it is still a great possibility.  Many of us receive dreams, words, or a vision.  When I speak of dreams, I don’t always mean that we fall […]

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This one is all about ME!

I’ve been teaching God’s Word off and on since I was a teenager. When I was very young, one of ways I occupied myself was to sit in our living room by the desk and pretend that I was the Sunday School Superintendent. I never asked about it, but the center drawer in that desk […]

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What was my inspiration for writing Constitution of Iron

Why did I write Constitution of Iron……
Why during a time of great economic world-wide struggle would a virtually unknown person self-publish a book about seeing God-given dreams fulfilled?  It just doesn’t make good sense.  But God……

The desire to fulfill my God-given dream and to please the Lord by my obedience by writing Constitution of Iron […]

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